Spring Training with Team Afton

Team Afton is offering Spring Training now!

Next season starts now at Team Afton. There's a good chunk of snow-time remaining this season - we have 15+ scheduled practices and some post-season training still to be announced! Are you a High Schooler with designs on next season's triumphs? D-Teamer/ARC'er who wants more training this season? Join us well into March - who knows, maybe April! Get ready for next season, and maybe even think about racing USSA!

Team Afton Holiday Camp - at Afton Alps

Join us for an intensive training period over the holiday break.

A four-day camp race training camp designed to boost your performance just before the main part of your season. This camp is perfect for racers competing in MSDL (ARC), high school or college racing. A mix of training in SL and GS courses and with free ski skill development under the guidance of our experienced coaching team. Holiday Camp is included in the cost of Team Afton – USSA Rising Stars and USSA programs.

What to Expect

Summer and Thanksgiving Ski Camps are here

Check out the Olin/Lacasse Ski Racing Training Camps.  Details can be found at http://www.skiracingcamp.com

Team Afton Early Season 2016

Team AFTON Early Season Project - Nov. 3-6, 2016