Team Afton As it Happens 9/3/2017

Looking forward
Hello All,
Summer is closing (the State Fair is over tomorrow - what else?!) welcome back Team Afton.
September is our launching month and there's a lot going on.
We hope you've had a terrific summer! Please see the attached Team Afton News. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Team Afton As it Happens 4/4/2017

GS Spectacular Training

April already?! The season is winding down – almost! As this season ends, next season starts now! (think: Alpine ski racing – a year-round commitment.) We have a lot going on; USSA meetings, Spring training projects, Summer training opportunities, getting our engines tuned up for the coming season – physical building blocks, that can transform your skiing!

Practice ON Wednesday, March 8

Practice on today and tomorrow (Wednesday-Thursday). Arrive 3:30, we will go 4-6.

wednesday: however, with the dehydration machine (wind), we will be limited to Chair 7 for training (SL only). Even if the wind were to calm - there's not enough snow pushed into the unload ramps to run the other chairs. They will be repairing the other ramps today and tomorrow. See you at 3:30

Monday March 6 and 7th practice canceled

Afton Alps is CLOSED. We will resume with a MODIFIED schedule tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8th. Afton Alps will be going to daylight hours of operation only. Our training option is to arrive at 3:30, on-snow 4-6. This Saturday, March 11th, we will arrive at 9am, on-snow 9:30-12n, with free-ski option until 1pm. It is also Spring Fling this weekend at Afton Alps, check out the news:

As it Happens.... Team AFTON 2/13 - 2/19


As it Happens.... Team AFTON 2/13 - 2/19

How Du! This is what the week looks like for Team Afton.

Crunch time Team Afton!

Giant GS weekend just wrapped up – with our second Junior Champs qualifying round. A great weekend for Team Afton. A word on qualifying…. Quotas – how to approach it? “what do I need to do to qualify?!” We will be publishing a few more thoughts on this subject this week for our U14s and U16s families. Keep a look out.

As it Happens - Team Afton February 06-12


As it Happens.... Team AFTON 2/06 - 2/12
Gruss Gott! This is what the week looks like for Team Afton.
Lots happening Team Afton! Speed weekend just wrapped up – with our first Junior Champs qualifying round today (Monday). Team Afton was juiced up (thanks to Juice-Man Doug and the Base Camp1) and threw it down. Some thrills, some spills, some green faces…but all-in-all a great showing.


As it Happens.... Team AFTON 1/30 - 2/5

Howdy! This is what the week looks like for Team Afton.
Hope you all had a good weekend - with practice for a lot of you, but a certain few chose to race in a foreign place (Illinois?!?!). That's right we had a small band of adventurers who drove down to Galena, IL and raced at Chestnut Mtn. Lots of thrills we understand, including some stellar race performances (Dean-o-rama) along with a noteworthy sendy-moment that we understand made it all the way to Jerry-of-the-Day on Instagram - way to go Andrew, you're famous!