Hello Team Afton,

This page is dedicated to Afton Alps Alpine Club - our parent-run fundraising arm for Team Afton USSA. All proceeds from the sale of these items goes directly to Team Afton's efforts to make a better program! We encourage all Afton Alps families to support the great work done by Team Afton! Think: B-Net - a large portion of what's decorating Afton Alps came from Afton Alps Alpine Club funds; Drills, gates, radios, timing, clubhouse, etc., all came from AAAC fundraising efforts - get on board!

If you missed the opportunity to order spirit wear at the Shindig, the link to WSI sports is: https://wsisports.com/pages/afton-alps

Download the order form and then email it to orders@wsisports.com

Also, we are not limited to what is on the order form.  If you see something on the WSI website you would like, they will happily put the Team Afton logo on it for you (which is really nice and rather rare in this industry!)

Additionally, we are purchasing hats and neck gators.  The hats are $20 each and pictured below. They will have the Team Afton logo on them. The hats and gators are not from the WSI store, so orders will have to go to Karin Gaertner at m.gaertner@comcast.net

Team Afton plush hats
Team Afton PLUSH hats are yummy! Hers/His/Anyone!

We also have the BIG TRUCK hats - super cool:

Snappy hats

These items are available - on-going. All proceeds from these hats go to Team Afton - it's a fundraiser!

so please “hup-hup” to it!

Call Karin if you have any questions 651-260-4471