Coaches & photbomber
Coaches & photbomber

If you haven't noticed lately, change is in the air.

Maybe it started with that strange phenomenon in the sky a month back or so, when the moon turned crimson. Woooo, wish they could make that happen for Halloween.

If you listen to the Callyfornions, their whole nut is banking on an epic proportioned El Niño headed this way - promising catastrophic weather sure to bring death and destruction to the West Coast; bring it on they say - anything's better than 4 years of drought. Ski industry leaders and skiers in general are praying for the same.  But, if you've been in the car rolling down the road lately — have you noticed it? On sunny fall days, the road seems to move and shift, almost imperceptibly. Little black dots at first, then longer, black with a hint of rust. DON'T HIT EM!

I do my best slaloming around them on my drive from Red Wing to Afton - all within legal limits of course. Those guys are our friends! Like little crawling barometers, the Woolly Worm (or Bear) has quietly been predicting winter's weather it's whole life.

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