2018-19 PROGRAM

USSA Racing Program for U8, U10, U12, U14

What to Expect

  •  A season-long program beginning with dryland training in September and October, a 3-day Thanksgiving Camp, a 5-day Holiday Camp, Saturdays and Monday through Thursday evening training throughout the season.
  • Approximately 100+ hours of on-snow training per season.
  • USSA race days consisting of either GS or SL races each day. Some speed elements will also be explored. (lift tickets and entry fees are extra).
  •  A positive, supportive, team environment with input from expert coaches.

Ages: 7 to 20+ (all programs)

Skill Level: Strong intermediate or above skiers able to ski comfortably and in control on all hills at Afton Alps.

Dates/Times: Saturdays (when not racing) starting December 1st. Monday through Thursday evenings, starting December 3rd until mid-March (except certain holidays).

For a detailed calendar, check out: Team Afton Calendar

Pricing USSA by Age Group 2018-19:

  • U8-U10-U12*: $1585 BUY NOW
  • See year-of-birth chart below
  • U14: $2025* BUY NOW
  • additional practice available ("Advanced") offered twice a week in addition to regular practice. Registering for these additional practices need to be approved by program director.
  • Advanced Practice**: $200 BUY NOW

*NEW: Team Afton Club dues INCLUDED. NEW: Afton Alps now offers an installment plan for tuition - contact Afton Alps Ski School for more information and to become enrolled. USSA License/Race Fees are additional. Visit www.Teamafton/Club for more info on Club functions. Visit SkiFast.com for more info on USSA License/Race Fees.

**Advanced additional practice is season-long, ages U14 and older, MUST BE APPROVED BY DIRECTOR. This is designed to combine our regular practice with an additional hour-long session, creating a 3 hour intensive training period twice a week.

If you have any questions please email aolin@vailresorts.com or call Program Director Tony Olin: 612-819-0186


USSA Program Detail U8-U10-U12-U14

The U14 and younger programs (known in USSA as "non-scored") offer a wonderful training and racing opportunity for young athletes. Not only do they advance in their ski racing skills; these young skiers also have experiences from which they develop self confidence and gain skills that help them be more successful at school.

This USSA program is for athletes in the following age groups for the 2018-2019 season:

  • U14 – born 2005 and 2006
  • U12 – born 2007 and 2008
  • U10 – born 2009 and 2010
  • U 8 – born 2011, and later

Participation in the USSA Racing Program requires membership in:

  • USSA - National
  • USSA – Regional: Central Division’s Region One
  • USSA – Local: Team Afton/Afton Alps (on the Team Afton website)

Team Afton’s racers compete as part of Region One, one of 4 regions comprising USSA’s Central Division. While the majority of information about USSA races is available through Team Afton’s website, it is helpful to become familiar with:

Racers register for the races they plan to attend on the My USSA website. Detailed information about race registration is distributed to parents and athletes at the beginning of the season.

For every race, athletes should bring 1) race bib; 2) water, Gatorade or other sports drink, and 3) keep granola bars, energy bars, or other snacks in their jacket pocket for extra energy and protein on the hill.

Planet Cup Series

U14, U12, U10, and U8 racers compete in Region One’s Planet Cup Series. This series includes other USSA racers from Team Afton, Buck Hill, Team Duluth, Team Gilboa, Mt. LaCrosse Ski Team, Three Rivers Racing, and Welch Village. Information, standings, and announcements are posted on the Planet Cup website http://www.skifast.com/nonscored. You’ll also find a link to the Planet Cup on Region One’s site as well as Team Afton’s site.  Race registration fees, lift tickets and lodging (as necessary) at each race venue are the responsibility of each athlete.

Planet Cup races are “non-scored” races, meaning that while the athlete’s races are timed, they are not scored by USSA’s national point system. There is an excellent explanation of USSA’s youth and competitor membership on Central Division’s website http://alpine.usskiteam.com/alpine-programs/regions/rockycentral-region/central-division/about-us/handbook. (LINK NOT UPDATED)

Planet Cup races are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at different ski areas within Region One. Racers do not have to race on both days; they can race on Saturday or Sunday.  However, the more races an athlete attends, the better his/her chances are for collecting points in the Planet Cup Series. The racer who wins a race is awarded 100 points, the second place finisher receives 90 points, third place 80 points, and so on.

At the end of the season, a competitor’s best results in SL (Slalom) races, GS (Giant Slalom), and Kombis will determine the season-long standings.  The Overall Planet Cup winner will be determined by the athlete’s best finishes, regardless of discipline.   The reason for using the best results is to give younger racers the opportunity to be flexible throughout the season and not penalize them if they miss races. Complete scoring and awards is described on the Planet Cup website at http://www.skifast.com/nonscored.

At USSA races for younger athletes, U8 and U10 racers run first, followed by U12, and then U14. The order in which racers run within their age group is determined by a computerized random selection.


U14 Junior Championships in Colorado

The U14 Junior Championships are held in mid-March. Competition takes place over 4 days, usually beginning with Super G, Giant Slalom and ending with Slalom. There is training for the Super G the day before the Super G competition and athletes are required to participate in this training day to ensure the safety of the racers. While athletes don’t need Super G skis for any races during the Planet Cup series, they will need Super G skis for the Junior Championships. Rather than buying skis for one event, parents should talk to Tony Olin about borrowing Super G skis.

Racers register on the first day of the Junior Championships and receive a bib, information packet, banquet tickets, racer credentials, prizes, and their Junior Championships jacket. The U14 Junior Championships culminates in a big banquet on Saturday evening for racers, coaches and families that includes a buffet dinner, presentation of the top 10 finishers in each event, fun video of the competition highlights, and opportunity to win some fun prizes!

Each athlete’s family is responsible for the athlete’s registration fees as well as travel, lodging, lift tickets, and food expenses for the event. In addition, Team Afton charges every racer attending a Junior Championship competition a flat rate of $400 prior to the event. This covers the cost of coaching time plus the coach’s travel, food, and lodging expenses.

Regional Championship Competitions

Athletes who do not attend the U14 Junior Championships are invited to compete in regional championship races held in early March. These races require separate registration and fee, plus the costs of lift tickets. Information about these championship series will be posted on Region One’s web site and Central Division’s website. These races are a great way to celebrate the end of another ski season.